Sweden 2015♥

Hey you!

9th of March:

We finally started our trip to Sweden with our teachers and the other students from Finland. We met each other at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport where we had a meet up. First we flew to Copenhagen and the flight went so fast and it was okay.


We stayed at Kastrup for a few hours and also ate till we took the train to Sweden, Hässleholm. I was quite nervous to meet my host for the first time but everything went well. After that we went to our host families and unpacked our staffs. That night we met at Ola’s place and we had such a good time together and we made a new friends!

10th of March:

This was our first day at the school with our hosts. The school was quite different from our school. It was so much bigger and we used our shoes inside. I prefer…

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My Week in Sweden by Ems


Hässleholm April 2014 (video)

Our trip to Sweden

English Club 9.1 2013

Sooo we had this one week exchange thing between our school and Linneskolan in Sweden. The Swedish guys stayed in Finland earlier in this year and last week it was our turn to visit in Sweden. The whole week was pretty awesome. I think everyone missed each others and it was super nice to see and be with everyone again. The five days in Sweden went so quickly even if we did all kinds of things.

Here is shortly something: On Monday we arrived there and went walking around the town. After that we all ate at Ola’s place and watched a movie there. It was our first day in Linneskolan on Tuesday but we were there only half of the day and left to Kristianstad by train after the lunch. In Kristianstad we had a sightseeing tour around the town and we visited for example in some kind of…

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Tuesday 1.4, Second day at Hässleholm

Tuesday morning we had our first school day at Sweden. I was nervous how it is going to be, but it was really funny. We got little tour inside of their school. 

(I apologize bad quality some of pictures, there was no light 😦 )








After schoolday we went to Kristianstad by train. We had little sightseeing tour there too. I’ll write about it more later.

// Stina

Monday 31.3, Our first day at Hässleholm

Hello! 😀 

Last week we spent one week in Sweden, Hässleholm. That week was amazing! 😀 We got so many good memory together to remember! Now I tell you about our first day at Hässleholm.


Our flight to Copenhagen departured Monday 11.20. At 12 o’clock we were at Castrup airport. We took there train to Hässleholm. We arrived to Hässleholm 15.30 🙂 We had our friends waiting for us at trainstation. It was lovely to see they again! :D<3 




We took our suitcases to our own ”home”. They had planned us a little sightseeing tour all together at Hässleholm centre. We visited skatepark, shopping center, couple different parks, church (unfortunately only outside of it ) etc. 

Image Image

Image  After sightseeing tour we went to have evening at Olas place. His mother made us really delicious food and we watched one movie together. We continued evening other side of road at Nadjas place.    Image

  // Stina