Top 5 – Sweden Autumn 2016

The 5 best things during the trip:

– laserdome
– shopping and hemmakväll
– playing hide and seek in school
– good breakfast
– new people

The 5 most boring things during the trip:

– some lessons
– gymnasiemässa
– traveling and walking everywhere
– counting the windows of the church
– all places don’t have wifi

The 5 biggest differences between the Finnish and Swedish schools:

– lessons are longer in Sweden
– confusing schedules
– better food and more different salads in Sweden
– Swedes have lockers
– some things are cheaper in Sweden

3 things we have learned:

– to understand some Swedish
– to speak better English
– preconceptions of Swedes are wrong

5 things you will never forget:

– laserdome
– fries on the pizza


– shopping in Kristianstad (and hemmakväll)
– jacuzzi
– radio interview

5 things we will miss about Sweden:

– people
– food
– lessons when you don’t have to do almost anything
– the exchange students’ houses
– shops (particularly hemmakväll)

5 things that you would like to do:

– have more time to shop
– have more “free time” or “rest time” between things
– eat surströmming
– meet more Swedes
– eat a whole family pizza t. Leevi

The 5 best shops:

– yogi boost
– nisses
– khai & mui
– kicks

5  favorite foods during the trip:

– fish sticks
– thai food
– pizza
– spaghetti
– tacos

5 favorite songs during the trip:

– Apple Pen
– Vi mot världen
– I See Fire
– The Hanging Tree
– Alice

The lists made by the Furutorp School group: Alexandra, Elsa, Leevi, Nina, Sonja & Yu Mei



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