Autumn 2016


Day 1   October 3, 2016


We took the flight to Copenhagen at noon, it took one hour and forty minutes. At the airport  we ate some food before we started the journey to Sweden. We took a train to Hässleholm from the airport and some of us continued to Vinslöv. The journey took about one hour and a half. Our hosts met us at the railway station in Hässleholm and Vinslöv. After that we met our families and spent the evening with them. It was very exciting to meet our families.

Day 2   October 4, 2016

The first day in the Swedish school was fun. We left after lunch to Kristianstad where we walked around the town and played Laserdome. Most of us ate at either an Asian restaurant or Burgerking. Then we went to Vinslöv and spent the evening at Tova’s place. There we had some snacks, sang and Leevi played guitar.

Day 3   October 5, 2016

We were at school until 12 am. We visited Swedish gymnasiemässan where local college students and teachers presented their schools to 8th and 9th graders. After that we ate and went to town, where we walked around the town center and looked for some places. Then we went back to school with our hosts. We ate pizza and played kahoot.Later on we from Hässleholm went to Elof’s place and the other ones went to Vinslöv.

Day 4   October 6, 2016

We had school all day. We followed some classes and in addition we had two presentations where we presented Finland and Porvoo. After school we travelled to Vinslöv and cooked taco pies at Furutorp school. Those were delicious! There was even a person from the local radio channel interviewing some of us. After the meal we played hide and seek, and after that we went to Elof’s place.




Day 5   October 7, 2016

We had school all day again & this time we had five presentations to primary school students. All the students were very interested in hearing about Finland and we also taught them a bit Finnish. In the afternoon we left the school and we had still time to do something until we went to the train station. The train left at 16.44. We arrived in Copenhagen at six o’clock and had about two hours two spend at the airport before our flight back to Helsinki.


It was nice to get to know the Swedish school system and make new friends. It was fun to discover Hässleholm and Vinslöv a little bit and the food was great in both schools!

Written by the Linné School group: Aleksander, Kaisa, Lotta, Rasmus, Tatu & Toivo



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