My week in Sweden 29.2-4.3

Watch Ems Cook

So again I’m at sweden, but this time in other school. It’s in vinslöv, witch is few miles from hässleholm. I’ll try to make this short so it won’t be too boring to read. so let’s get to it

Day 1. (29.2)
We left from my house at 9.15 and went to pick  up Venla and then drove to the airport. We met at the airport and did our checkings, our flight left at 12 o’clock and it went well.
We landed a bit early around 12:35 on the local time. We ate at the airport and me and my friends ate at BK (Burger King).
We went to the train and half of us dropped off in hässleholm and half of us continued to vinslöv.
We met our hosts at 15:30 and went to their houses. We ate and got to know each other little better.
We all met…

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