Week in Sweden

Hello! Long time no see but now I’m back here and ready to write a new post.So last week we went again to Sweden for a week. We had an awesome time there with my friends and teachers. Now I’m going to write a diary about our trip. Let’s get started!

Monday 29.2

On Monday I woke up around 8.00 am and I started to get ready for the day. it was really exciting to woke up, the day was finally here. I did my last packing things and then we packed the car. We picked up Edit and Ada and then we drove to the airport. There we met the other student and teachers. We did some shopping already there and took some photos, of course. The flight went really well and when we landed to Copenhagen we went to eat. After that we took the train to Vinslöv…

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My week in Sweden 29.2-4.3

Watch Ems Cook

So again I’m at sweden, but this time in other school. It’s in vinslöv, witch is few miles from hässleholm. I’ll try to make this short so it won’t be too boring to read. so let’s get to it

Day 1. (29.2)
We left from my house at 9.15 and went to pick  up Venla and then drove to the airport. We met at the airport and did our checkings, our flight left at 12 o’clock and it went well.
We landed a bit early around 12:35 on the local time. We ate at the airport and me and my friends ate at BK (Burger King).
We went to the train and half of us dropped off in hässleholm and half of us continued to vinslöv.
We met our hosts at 15:30 and went to their houses. We ate and got to know each other little better.
We all met…

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Sweden: Spring 2016


Day 1   February 29, 2016

We flew to Copenhagen on Monday and then some of us ate at the airport. Then we took a train to Sweden. When we crossed the border the police checked our passports and so we learned: Don’t stress! We met our hosts at Hässleholm station, while some travelled to Vinslöv and met their hosts there. Everyone had their own plans for the evening, but some met each other in Café Lövet.

Day 2   March 1, 2016

On Tuesday we had our first day in Swedish schools, and we followed different classes. After lunch we had a city rally. Our hosts had made questions to us and we had to find answers to them. We stayed in the city to five o’clock, and then we came back to school where we ate pizza and then watched a movie called The Host. After the movie some of us went to Elias’ place, while others went home.


Day 3   March 2, 2016

On Wednesday morning we went to school and after lunch we went to Kristianstad with our hosts by train. We first visited Naturum, which presents the nature in Skåne. There were a helicopter simulator, fish, telescopes and binoculars. After that we went shopping and some of us went to eat. There were some problems with trains on the way back. In the evening the girls who were at Linné school in Hässleholm went to Tilda’s place. We baked a chocolate cake and played the jelly beans challenge. We had a very nice evening!

Day 4   March 3, 2016

On Thursday we watched the videos that we had taken. After school we went bowling. We were separated into six different groups. We don’t actually know who won. And then we ate there. The food was so good! After that we all went to Elias and played truth or dare and never have I ever. What happens in Sweden, stays in Sweden…

IMG_5612     IMG_5617

Day 5   March 4, 2016

Now it’s Friday. We have spent the whole day at school and we are leaving about at five o’clock. We are meeting those who are coming from Vinslöv at the railway station. Then we take a train to the airport. Late in the evening we’ll fly from Copenhagen to Finland.

The week has been full of laughing, new experiences, surprises and friends!

When I’m gone…
When I’m gone..
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me by my hair
You’re gonna miss me everywhere
Oh, you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

Written by the Linné school group (Ada, Ellen, Miina, Venla, Andrei, Rasmus & Toivo)

Sweden 2015♥

Hey you!

9th of March:

We finally started our trip to Sweden with our teachers and the other students from Finland. We met each other at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport where we had a meet up. First we flew to Copenhagen and the flight went so fast and it was okay.


We stayed at Kastrup for a few hours and also ate till we took the train to Sweden, Hässleholm. I was quite nervous to meet my host for the first time but everything went well. After that we went to our host families and unpacked our staffs. That night we met at Ola’s place and we had such a good time together and we made a new friends!

10th of March:

This was our first day at the school with our hosts. The school was quite different from our school. It was so much bigger and we used our shoes inside. I prefer…

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