Two towns meet

About three weeks ago we had an amazing week! It was so rewarding and fun and only in one week we got to know lovely people in such a short time. We had such a little group, about 14 people, so it was easy to get to know everyone. First I was very nervous about this, like everyone else also I think, and it felt a bit scary to just start to speak a different language but when you got used to the language it wasn’t even that bad. It was just fun! If you said something wrong, it was totally okay and then you just tried again. The main point is that people understand what you’re trying to say. Suddenly we all noticed that we were thinking in English and it felt even like our mother tongue! It started to feel so natural and we didn’t have to think first in our own language and then translate it to English. The best things about this whole thing are that we got to know new people and we had such a great time with the Swedish people! I’m so happy that I joined this project because I have always liked English and this way I really can use it. My big hope is that we would meet the Swedish people again and luckily it is going to happen. We are sure that when we go to visit them in Sweden that it won’t be the last time we meet 🙂

// ♥Roosa


Time goes on

The last week was something really wonderful and tomorrow again to school like normally. In my head it feels so empty, because you don’t have anyone always with and there are no Swedish. You can’t speak english without, that everyone thinks, that you’r totally idiot and everything is again so normal.

All the good memories comes to mind when you go to school and same places where we were.. I miss those moments and people. I just wish I could feel those moments and meet the people again tomorrow. Feels too far, but still too close.

But good news were starting to raise money for the trip to Sweden see again those amazing and lovely people and make new unforgettable memories. We try to get some sponsors to finance to our trip cause we need to pay it ourselves. But we thank everyone who had sponsored us already and will thank everyone who will!! So just 48 days and then two towns will see each others again ! ❤

// With Love ♥: Anna

Moikka kaikki! <3

I’m so excited about this! 😀 We have also planned a trip to Sweden Hässleholm to meet our lovely friends here and I can’t wait to see you again! 😀 ❤ Last week was one of the best weeks ever and I really hope that we are going to have as much fun in Sweden as we did here in Finland! I was hosting a boy called Zander. First I was pretty scared when I heard that I will get a boy for week to live with us. At airport I was truly shaking and other host people were laughing at me! But when I got to know him I wasn’t scared anymore and he was an awesome boy! 😀 We spend lot of  time together so we got to know everybody! I can’t even tell how amazing people they are!

Sooo, where should I begin…

On Sunday night we were at the airport waiting for them to arrive. As I told earlier, I was truly in panic. But when they came out, I relaxed and started to talk a lot as I normally do. We were riding with Linnea’s father and they left us at my home. We sat at the dinner table maybe 3 hours and then we left to sleep.

On Monday morning we went to school at 8 o’clock so we had early wake up. Zander was with me in my classes and then we got Jakob also with us. In our Swedish lesson the boys had really big problems with Swedish grammar! After school we went all together to Porvoo sightseeing. We showed our new artfactory and then we went to eat pizza to local pizzeria. After eating we showed them our old town and the famous church.

On Tuesday we had normal school day, from 9 o’clock to 15 o’clock. I had really horrible headache so I left Zander at school with Linnea. They Made Runeberg tarts. After school I went to city to meet all and we went together to our youth center called Zentra. After that everybody went to do their own things and me, Linnea, Jakob and Zander went to Linnea’s house to have sauna. Boys liked it lot and they were sad when they had to come out! 😀 Rest of the night we just chilled out and laughed.

On Wednesday we had a normal school day. In the evening we went all together to Pinja’s home and we watched one movie and just chilled out. Pinja has two big snakes so we had a chance to see how to feed them and also to keep them on your shoulders! I did it too, but I was really scared!

On Thursday we didn’t go to school. We had a day in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. We had a little sightseeing tour by tram and after that went to eat and shopping! It was truly fun and we had amazing time together! In the bus on our way back to Porvoo, someone got an amazing idea that we all can go to Linnea. So we went there and it was so much fun!

Friday was the last whole day here together 😦 We were at school normally. In the evening we had a farewell party at Anna’s house. We played, laughed, talked lots of! 😀 When the time came that someone had to go, it wasn’t fun anymore 😦 We had become so close so it felt really bad 😦

On Saturday we woke up at 5.20am. We had a meeting at the airport at 7 o’clock and we had to pick up Jakob and Linnea too. It wasn’t that fun to let them go 😦 We took a lot of pictures at the airport and we are also having really good memories about this week!

I’m missing everybody a lot and I can’t wait our trip there!

// Stina 🙂


Moimoi ♥

I was so excited when I heard that, I would be hosting a Swedish student called Linnéa . We had planned so much to do for the week that they’d be here. Everyone had talked with their own Swedish students before. Then came the day when they started the trip here. I don’t know what others thought, but I was excited and little bit scared at the same time, scared how’s it gonna be and what kind of people the others Swedish students would be.

Then the car arrived to our yard and my heart maybe had a little heart attack, that here we are and it’s really gonna happen. The first evening we talked about everything and went to sleep.

The second day we went to school and we saw all the others Swedish students. In school they were in our lessons. But for the last lesson we went to get know each others names and play some games. After school we walked to artfactory first and then went to eat pizza. Last we showed the old town and the church for the guests.

On the third day we had school but we skipped some lessons, because we showed our school to Swedish guests and made friendship bracelets in textile class. At 2 we started to walk from school to town. It was nice to walk, while talking to others. In town we went to youth center Zentra. There we had so much fun. We laughed, played ping-pong and ate. Then we went home and watched movie with Linnéa.

On the wednesday we had, like normally, school. But after school in the evening we all went to Pinja to watch a movie. We watched movie, ate everything good and laughed so much! Pinja had also two snakes that we held or touched, if we wanted to. And we got see when they feed them rats.

The fourth day was different, because we didn’t go to school at all. We went by buss to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. There we went first to sightseeing by tram. After the sighseeing we went to shop and eat. On the bus to Porvoo someone had a great idea to go hang out in Linnea’s place. So everyone went to Linnea’s. There we played and did everything nice. And ate the third time pizza in this week 😀 Everyone had good time atleast I think so (:

The last whole day we went to school and the Swedish were just a in a couple of lessons. In evening we had a farewell party at my house. We listened to music, laughed, were outside, ate and take lots of pictures. We all had become really close and it was really sad to think that they’d leave next morning and we had just 12 hours together.

It was 6 am when we started to drive to the airport where we will meet maybe for the last time. Everyone just cried, because we had got so many new friends and now they’d have to leave. We had had so much fun and so many new memories. This is the thing that you’re gonna remember the rest of your life and is once in a lifetime experience. Everyone hugged and cried. Now I know how it feels in the movies when they run in airports to find someone they love and try to make them stay. Everyone just wanted to have them here even for one week.       Love you all. Wish we’ll get to come there!! ♥

// Anna